Areas of Expertise

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As surgical technologists, ISSAT (Instrument Services San Antonio Texas) staff has not only seen these types of instruments, but we have actually used them in real-life medical procedures, in actual O.R. settings.


We have the ability to restore:

-Back Tables

-Surgical Equipment


-Mayo Stands

-Ring Stands

-Sterile Processing Department

- SPD Carts

-SPD Dumb Waiter

-Caster Replacement

-General Refurbishing

Orthodontist and Dental Instruments

We have the ability to restore:







- Hollenbeck

-Reticulating Paper Holders

-Amalgam Carriers


-Matrix Holder

-General Refurbishing


My Approach


Roberto T. Pérez - CEO

With over 25 years of personal experience serving area hospitals with instrument repairs; 30 years of experience as a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST), and seven years as a nationally Certified Surgical First Assistant (CSFA) ISSAT is the clear choice when it comes to instrument repair, modification and creation.

We are:

 Locally based. We are a San Antonio based company which allows us the ability to provide flexible scheduling (i.e. weekends, overnight and same-day repairs).













We do:

⦁ Onsite repair. To avoid extended instrument down time, onsite repair is available.

Our methods:

 Extend instrument life. We specialize in extending the life of existing instruments and bringing them to like-new condition, thus avoiding constant replacement and costly investment in new inventory.


We can:

⦁ Modify instruments. We have the capacity to modify and make new instruments per client’s specifications and request.

We have many:

 Satisfied customers. When other companies have rendered instruments as “beyond repair,” we have restored them and brought them back into circulation. We have worked with several customers in the San Antonio area for over 15 years and have maintained the same instruments in that time span.

We are confident in the quality of our work.

This enables you to:

⦁ Avoid the “hard sell.” We do not pressure clients to enter mandatory contracts. However, should corporate policies mandate it, we may enter into contractual agreements.


Our knowledge enables us to bring valuable understanding regarding the use of and capacity of surgical instruments. It also assists us in providing unparalleled customer service.