S/A Rongeurs
  • S/A Rongeurs


    This price is for sharpening and or standard repair services on S/A Rongeurs.


      In a hospital setting, these instruments usually have a 3 month cycle period. All instruments will have been etched with the date of service. When preparing your future trays, please refer to these dates. 


      All services include refurbishing (Ultrasonic Removal of Debris, Lubrication bath, Cleaning and Inspection).


      All items worked on, unless deemed irreparable will arrive in "Like New" condition. If there are any issues with an instrument, please notify ISSAT (Instrument Services San Antonio Texas) within 48 hours of delivery. 


      If an item is deemed irreparable, client will have the following options to choose from:

      1. Personally purchasing a new instrument from the manufacturer.
      2. Requesting that we purchase the instrument and bill them for the cost of the instrument (including S&H).

      We will personally deliver each instrument/s, carts and or trays to the facility that requested service, unless instructed otherwise.